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Both my wife and I were seriously ill about 5 months ago, my wife suffering from diabetics and me with arthritis. Our testimony to you is that we both experienced God’s healing in our life. My wife was admitted in hospital. After being discharged from hospital, she developed fits and was mentally very upset. She even lost her memory, could not talk properly and worst of all, could not recognise the family members.

I am 76 years old and have been suffering from Arthritis since 3-4 months. I was unable to walk properly. Recently, due to a minor accident at home, my hip joint was broken and I was admitted in Yashoda hospital, where I had undergone a major operation. After being discharged from hospital, I started to rest my body weight on my left leg alone and so there was unbearable pain in my left leg. I again had to undergo an operation in my left knee, when I was in hospital, my recovery was so quick due to the continuous prayer of our Bishop Duraisingh James and Rev.Moses Asirvatham. They kept praying from my wife too.

We both recovered and were able to attend the fasting prayer meeting by Bro. Mohan C Lazarus on 20th Aug 2011. Our church members reserved the seats for us in the first row, so we could sit comfortably in the meeting. All glory to God, we have been healed completely! We now are able to attend the Sunday morning Holy Communion Service at our cathedral and join in prayers. I never thought that I will be healed and will walk up to the church altar. This was possible only because of continued prayers of our cathedral members, by which the Lord Jesus Christ healed me. I am very thankful to our congregation for their love and affection. We are witnesses to the fact that aged persons like us too can have complete healing, but only because of the mercy of God (Jesus Christ), and I can confidently say that, anyone who believes in God will succeed even at a ripe age.

~ J.M. David & Clara David