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Coming from a family that loved Christian Church music and having singing each day during the family prayers it was easy for me to sing any time.

It’s been a long journey, nearing 25 years……..the memories I carry of the early choir practices are ones that I can picture myself with my friends singing in order to learn Western Classical music and singing because we loved to sing. As kids, we used to play in the cathedral grounds, while our parents attended the choir practices. Though it was not our intention to learn the songs, we were thorough with each song, and could sing along while they rehearsed. Couple of years later we were asked to sing instead of wasting our time playing and that was the beginning of being part of the English and Tamil Choir.

TheTamil Choir brings me memories of so many pastors who have taught us, so many musicians who played for us, can never forget Frank Zachariah uncle on the Tabla, Selwyn anna who never could settle for anything but perfection and our Bishop uncle who puts in every effort to make it an enjoyable time to praise God with the talent that God has given us. Though I was not keen to join the Tamil Choir since I used to struggle to get the words and the pronunciation right and of course the meaning too, none of these excuses worked with my parents, they always would say, ‘ Stay in the practice and learn something’ …….but as years went by, I realized that it was a blessing to know the language and also understand the meaning of each song. I still struggle with the words in the first few practices, by the time I complete reading one line, the others are already in the next. But the joy that comes out of Singing and the encouragement that we have received from all the Choir Masters till date has kept me in the choir every single year.

They say History repeats itself, it’s now the turn of my sons who play outside during practices but know every song by heart. May God’s name alone be glorified.

By Susan Richard

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The St. Thomas’ SPG Cathedral Choir stands one among the best. The person behind all this hard work was Late Mr I. Jaganathan, fondly called by all as Uncle. He has been a great inspiration not only for me but to many. I remember seeing uncle and the choir from a very young age. I have seen my mother, Helen aunty, Mercy aunty, Kenneth uncle, George uncle, Maria, Cynthia and many others perform to their best. I think this was all because of the training and guidance they received from uncle Jaganathan. I have also seen many soloists from different churches and places come and contribute for this choir and many musicians who have been groomed here. In a glimpse to say, this was a place for many where their talents were brought forth (including me). As far as I remember, there was no other choir, which would have attempted to sing as many numbers from great composers like Handel’s Messiah, Stainer, Maunder, Haydn and others.

I am privileged to be a part of this choir. We, a group of 11 girls, the first batch of junior choristers called “The Butterflies” who joined the choir for the Christmas of 1989, from where on the tradition of the junior choir started. There were many who joined and left our batch. Some of us are in different places today but, would be proud to say that we are/were a part of this choir. The thought of me completing 23 years in this choir makes me feel proud.

The choir has been’ doing a great job of spreading the gospel through singing just as the three letters in SPG stands for – "Society for the Propagation of Gospel”.

This is not the end… The rich heritage of singing is carried forward by the Jaganathans and there is the next generation of choristers being brought forth.

By Shireen Godfred

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A S P E C T – to be done independently during your quiet time.
Please read the scripture portion carefully and jot down your observations:

Parable: Bible portion - _____________________________________________








Scripture portion for the coming week :
21 – 11 – 2011 - Monday Luke 6 : 6 - 11
22 – 11 – 2011 - Tuesday Luke 18 : 9 - 14
23 – 11 – 2011 - Wednesday Mark 8 : 27 – 33
24 – 11 – 2011 - Thursday Mark 12 : 1 – 12
25 – 11 - 2011 - Friday Mathew 26 : 6 – 13
26 – 11 – 2011 - Saturday Mathew 6 : 5 - 15

Competitions for this month will be held on 27th Nov 2011
Beginners – Bible Characters from the new testament with Dialogue Delivery
For further Details Contact No. 8985746150

Primary – Elocution Competition (Topic fruits of the spirit)
For further Details Contact No. 9177213675

Juniors – Elocution Competition (Topic you are the temple of the living god)
For further Details Contact No. 9866577646

Inters & Seniors – Dumbcharades (Topic book of Ruth)


As we are planning to have our Christmas programme on 18th of December 2011, we want your child / children to participate in the programme. Hence we request you to send your child/children for all the practices regularly which will be starting from 26th November 2011, every Saturday at 3’o clock.